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Just about every worthwhile purpose requires teamwork. We want to be your partner in building your business.


Botetourt FastConnect

You’ll find our approach to economic development centers on your needs and getting your project in operation -- fast!

Email us or call (540) 473-8248 to schedule a meeting or get more information.

No nonsense, business-mindedness

You will experience a streamlined, efficient and responsive government organization attuned to your needs and priorities. And you can count on us to deliver what we promise.

Long-term commitment

We view our relationship with our businesses like a marriage: we take it seriously, we view it as permanent, and we do everything we can to make it pleasant for both parties.

Excellent company

Check out other companies that have located to and expanded within Botetourt. Contact a few to find out about their experience with us.


Did You Know...

Fpo Did You Know

The Blue Ridge Parkway, which marked its 75th Anniversary in 2010, winds through the eastern border of Botetourt County for over 35 miles in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Bird lovers come each October to Harvey's Knob Overlook to watch the hawks and falcons as they migrate south for the winter.